Some People Believe that To Reduce Industrial Pollution a Tax Should Be Imposed on Companies

Some people believe that to reduce industrial pollution a tax should be imposed on companies, while others believe that different measures should be taken to solve the problem. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is a debatable issue among the masses to curb the increasing pollution problem due to the expansion of urbanization and industrialization. Fines should be imposed on industries. Few people are proponents of the idea that tax will help industries to understand the problems caused by pollution, while clamours are also heard in society from those who oppose it. This essay will shed light on both views in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To embark, there is plenty of evidence to prove why hefty fines should be imposed on companies. The mammoth conspicuous reason is with the penalties, and companies will understand the pollution concern more seriously as no one would like to pay unnecessary taxes. Furthermore, it will provide dimmish their image and decrease the product value in the market when these companies are limelight for negative publicity.

Yet, there is another side of the picture. Despite numerous justifications for imposing fines for causing pollution, there are some ideas to justify that why tax should not be imposed. First and foremost, the government should intervene and provide chimneys at subsidized rates to companies that they can install so that pollutants or hazardous gases will be filtered out before it mixes into the environment. Government should conduct seminars and advertisements at a large level to increase awareness; digital screens should be installed in industrial areas to monitor Air Quality Index level.

To recapitulate, companies should follow the pollution norms and consider it a social responsibility to keep the environment safe and clean. However, the government should impose fines in case of violation of rules.

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