Some Feel that Schools Should Be Mixed with Both Girls and Boys Attending While Others Feel the Genders Ought to Be Separated

Some feel that schools should be mixed with both girls and boys attending while others feel the genders ought to be separated. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample 1 Some Feel that Schools Should Be Mixed with Both Girls and Boys

The notion concerning gender seems to trigger a considerable debate. An opinion in this regard, put forward by a cluster of like-minded people, is that only one school ought to be for boys and girls. Others, however, take a dim view of it and observe that it should be separated. The upcoming paragraphs will analyse these twain sides in advance of my personal view.

Teaching them in the same place can prove to be beneficial in many a case. In the first place, intelligent or girl can help the boys. To explicate it, Nowadays, girls are more intelligent instead of boys, which help the boys to achieve their scores. To epitome, a couple of weeks ago, Punjab school education board announced the results of senior secondary, which was totally eye-openers for society because they released the list of top ten tutees, but only one boy name in this list. Furthermore, they can study in a friendly environment, which will reduce the burden of study.

Nevertheless, others do not follow suit and opine that some learners feel hesitant from another gender like as, the boy from girl and girl from the boy. Due to this, they cannot properly focus on their study. As a result, a few times, they cannot attain the desirable score during the exam. Besides, owning to separatism’s give birth to attraction towards each other. Thus, this can prove to be a bane for pupils future.

At last, it can be summed up no doubt both sides have convincing arguments, but it is logical to assume that studying to boys as well as girls under the one roof is better for them and we can save the money of one institution which we will not need to open.

Sample 2 Some Feel that Schools Should Be Mixed with Both Girls and Boys

Should boys and girls go to the same school? On the other hand, some people believe that both genders should be educated separately because they believe they will be more disciplined if they teach in different schools. Personally, I feel they should be taught in a co-educational setting since it promotes gender equality.

Few people believe that boys and girls should be taught in separate educational institutions because they will be more disciplined. The main reason for this is that some individuals have a negative attitude regarding females and boys being together. As a result, they believe that if both genders were examined separately, they would be more regulated and focused, and hence more successful. For example, if one of my acquaintances had not exclusively attended a girls’ school, she would have had additional career options.

However, I believe that providing the same education to all genders fosters equality. This occurs mostly because group study allows them to quickly reinforce their relationships with one another while also learning more valuable skills such as collaboration, teamwork, and mutual respect. As a result, they become more successful later in life.

In conclusion, although some individuals think that the boys and girls should be teached in separate institutes since they might be more controlled, I believe that they ought to be teached in same schools because it promotes the equality of both girls and boys.

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