The graph below shows the participation of Australian children

The graph below shows the participation of Australian children in sports outside school hours in 2014

Sample answer 1:-

The given bar graph illustrates information about the proportion of Australian children in sports outside school hours in 2014.

It can be clearly seen from the bar chart that the proportion of boys was 2% who played football which was the highest percentage as compared to others. With it, in swimming, the percentage of boys was decreased sharply to 13% than football. After that in the proportion of boys was declined significantly at 3%. The percentile of boys was approximately the same (4% and 8% respectively) in no Sports and basketball sports.


Moving further, in netball, the percentage of girls was 18% which was the greatest proportion as compared to others. Furthermore, the portion of girls went down minimally 15.5% in swimming than others. While, in the football field, the proportion of girls was come down significantly by 4%. Probing further, in no sports and basketball sports, the proportion of girls was closely the same 5% and 6% respectively.

Overall, it is clearly seen that the maximum percentage of boys was in the football field and the minimum proportion of girls was in football sports.

Sample answer 2:-

The given vertical bar graph compares both gender participation in diversion exterior school hours in Australia in the given the year 2014.

To elaborate, association in football game males were outnumbered with females counterparts with 20% and 4% accordingly. With it, women more participation in swimming on 155 as compare to men less than 2%. As well as, boys were less community in netball at 2% but, unfortunately, girls were on 18% in the given time.

Moreover, furthermore relevant that, Males and females fellowship in basketball almost same at 9% and 8% respectively. Boys participation in no sports 4% rather than 5% at girls.

Overall, women were more distribution in different games swimming, netball, no sports in contrast to men.


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  1. The bar graph depicts the information about the contribution of Australian kinder in five different sports after school hours in 2014.
    After Analysing, it can be clearly seen that participation of boys was almost 13% in swimming, whereas contribution of girls was escalated by around 3% in same game. In contrast, one fifth of males participated in football, however percentile of female was declined by approximately 16 in football during 2014.
    The bar graph further collates that participation of boys and girls was near about 2% and almost 18% in netball respectively after school hours. The proportion of males and females was approximately identical who participated in basketball. There was a difference of almost 1% in girls and boys who did not participate in sports after school hours.
    Overall, males and females in Australia had different participation in most of the games, whilst there was a maximum percentage of males in most of the sports except swimming and netball.

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