Some People Participate in Extreme and Dangerous Sports. Writing Task 2

Some people participate in extreme and dangerous sports. What can be done to avoid danger? How could these sports be made safer?

It goes without saying that, despite having physical activities sports is considered an integral part of people’s life, they are certain people keen to engage themselves with horrible, dangerous sports rather than normal ones, there are some possible ways to overcome this issue and make the sports convenient for everyone. However, I will discuss this matter in light of several factors before a reasonable conclusion is drawn.

The first and foremost reason is that individuals generally have more fun in the extreme sport when they engage in dangerous activities with their peers rather than simplest ones; for a reason behind it, they are already well active on social media and often watch numerous sports events which consider as a most vicious, so they easily get inspired and take a chance without possible precautions. For instance, the majority of players always interacted with dangerous games the acquire popularity among the fans, so individuals also followed and applied these practices and got involved in extreme sports. In addition, sustaining lifelong injuries is too high a price to pay for a brief adrenaline rush. Therefore, the upward trend in a youngster rapidly increases in recent years due to lack of parental guidance and unusual knowledge about sports leading to plenty of accidents.

Finally, dangerous sports should be banned due to an abundance of reasons; firstly, extreme sports get far too much publicity compared with safe sports thus leads, help them to maintain and improve their living standards. At the same time, wild activity has detrimental effects on a school’s cost efficiency and reputation, leading to a decrease in the confidence level of an individual. For instance, there are ample sports like skydiving, mountain trials and jumping, considered as uttermost sports in the world, so performing these activities without assets leads to drastic consequences in people’s life. To add to it, there are various ways in which people are able to make sports easier with lots of practice and proper guidance from the instructor. Therefore people need to try some simple sports firstly instead of extreme, so eventually boost their confidence level and gather the information for the risky sports.

In the end, it can be concluded that health is the greatest asset, so sports that put it at risk should not be allowed. Therefore, some alternatives which people the replace their sports with the easier ones.

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