Nowadays Many People Have an Unhealthy Diet and Do Not Exercise Regularly

Nowadays, many people have an unhealthy diet and do not exercise regularly. What are the reasons behind this trend? How can we encourage these people to live healthy lifestyles?

In the contemporary era, owing to paced-life nowadays people consume processed food as well as avoid physical fitness. There are several causes for this situation, and this essay will discuss both reasons and some fruitful solutions to the outcome of this situation.

First and Foremost, the Root cause of adopting junk food by the masses is a hectic schedule, and sometimes people forget physical health importance while searching for money. For instance, in modern times, all males and females are working 8-10 hours per day job. As a result, they can not be able to provide proper time for cooking in the evening, so they always explore outside food which is extremely toxic and full of oil hence it will impact on their health and invite diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, and many more illness. Furthermore, people work at their office for long hours in the evening; hence after working, they are tired and do not initiate some physical exercise such as yoga, pranayama, and gym work even though it has been useful for their health.

On the flip side, there are a plethora of programs and activities which individuals and government need to acquire for improving health. To begin with, authorities need to increase the budget in health sectors to expand numerous parks, fitness centers, hospitals, health care centers, etc.. which are directly connected with people’s health. Moreover, people need to avoid hygienic foods and in order to consume more nutritious food such as vegetables, fruits, and salads, which are more beneficial for them.

To recapitulate, in spite of people’s exploration towards sedentary life in terms of food and fitness, this effect can be neutralized by increasing fund allotments in health departments and awareness of the importance of homemade food. Last but not least, It is both individual’s and government’s responsibilities.

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