Natural Beauty Such as Lakes, Beaches, and Mountains Are Being Surrounded by Garbage

Natural beauty such as lakes, beaches, and mountains is surrounded by Garbage (rubbish) left by people. What are the causes for this? What solutions do you suggest?

The people are dumping wastes into the natural paces, such as lakes, beaches, and mountains, which will result in an adverse effect in future. There are many causes for this situation. However, some steps can be taken to solve this issue.

The main culprit of doing this action or people and factories. Firstly, the international travellers and the native people living in that country would visit these areas often. They will throw the wastes such as plastic cups and plates into the sea, which must destroy the habitat of the oceans. Another reason is that the household garbage and chemical products are landfilled by factories and the public in the mountains. Hence, this disposal could affect human life one day. For instance, tons of industrial waste are deposited in hilly regions that nobody could ask questions.

The two major solutions for this situation or creating awareness and implementing strict laws. To begin with, the people should know the consequences of putting rubbish in places of the natural resources. This can be achieved by doing awareness campaigns in schools, colleges, and public places, to teach the importance of saving the environment. In addition, governments should take the necessary measures in this problem by applying strict rules and regulations in public places. For example, the official should be appointed to monitor these areas, and people should be penalised when they dump the waste again in those regions.

In conclusion, the reason for the collection of waste in these places is done by the nation’s citizens. I believe that the government can control this issue and empower the detrimental consequences of this activity to the people.

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