Many Developing Countries Require Aid from International Organizations to Grow

Many developing countries require aid from international organizations to grow. Many people think that this aid should be financial, while others believe practical aid and advice are more useful. Discuss both views, and give your own opinion.

People in developing countries need financial as well as practical aid and advice. Since financial aid received by developing countries help solve immediate problems of health issues and starvation problems. However, it does not solve the long term problems of making the developing countries independent. This article will through more light on both views.

On the other hand, financial aid is highly important because many of the developing countries are suffering acute food and water shortages as well as are also dying from diseases that have been eradicated in most developed countries. Therefore, based on the current situations engulfing most of the developing countries, monetary assistance is something that they require to help solve problems immediately. For example, in the covid era, developing countries needed financial aid in stabilizing their economy and buying vaccines and personal protective types of equipment. 

Furthermore, practical aid advice must follow to be able to help the developing countries to become self-sufficient. Projects like the building of health facilities in the developing countries would help relieve pressure on the health system and also make it accessible to all the populace. In addition, modernization of agriculture projects like irrigation systems and others will help farmers to farm on larger scales throughout the year without fear of climate change and pest infestations to eradicate poverty and hunger as some of their products will be exported to bring income. Furthermore, educational projects will allow these countries to build schools to give children the chance of education to reduce illiteracy levels for better development of the country. 

In conclusion, I feel both financial, as well as practical aid and advice is needed and should go hand in hand with each other when trying to make a developing country independent.

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