In Many Cities, Problems Related to Overpopulation Are Becoming More Common

In many cities, problems related to overpopulation are becoming more common. Some governments are now encouraging businesses and individuals to move out of cities to rural areas. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

The problem of increasing population in metro areas leads to the promotion for citizens and occupations to settle countryside by the government is debated for its result toward citizen and society. This occurrence is associated with some benefits and drawbacks. However, this essay needs to analyze the matter before forming any logical conclusion.

To begin with, the migration of people in villages and businesses have some disadvantages. The initial one is, disturbing the livestock of villagers. To elaborate, the people of the city and companies will affect the life and environment of the hamlets. They will ruin the environment and society by increasing the pollution and traffic problems to the villagers. Moreover, the metro cities resident might have face difficulty living separately from the family. They encounter a situation in which few members of the family have to continue their work in cities.

However, it also contains certain advantages that are this occurrence will lead to the development of the rural areas. In other words, fast-growing cities have left the hamlets behind. The development of village the need to be done. This is the mere method for fast and effective growth. The movement of industries and workspaces to bugs will generate employment opportunities and growth of the villages in terms of education, medical and transport services. Moreover, this will help in creating business opportunities for countryside people. They can earn money through renting houses selling milk and vegetable directly to the consumer at a good price.

To sum up, after analyzing the whole matter it can be concluded the disadvantage of residents and industry movement toward the villages hold heavier side over the disadvantages.

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