Some People Prefer Activities and Lifestyles in Hot Climates While Others

Some people prefer activities and lifestyles in hot climates while others prefer living in cold climates. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

There are divided options related to the atmosphere. Many of the individuals like to enjoy their daily routine in summer, and some likes winter sessions. My views and opinions are discussed further in the ensuing paragraphs.

There are many individuals who like the hot weather. The foremost reason for this liking is they can not afford to work in cold weather. For them, if they work in a hot session, they complete the task easily. The second reason is there are many individuals who feel that to take sunlight is good for health. It can prevent many diseases.

On the contrary, there are individuals who prefer cold weather. One of the reasons for this is they find freshness while working. The atmosphere seems fresh. There can be batter outcome for the work. To add to this many people feel to enjoy wearing a different colour and multiple types of jackets etc. This session also serves many of the different kinds of food. Such food lovers like this season.

To sum up this, it can be said that there is nothing like liking the season all depends upon the thinking of people. But in my opinion, a cold climate is good for many reasons. There can be many activities performed in cold weather.

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