Describe Your Idea About Love – New Sample Cue Card

Describe Your Idea About Love – New Sample Cue Card

Sample Answer of Describe Your Idea About Love

Love is a concise word, which either way harm or bring joy in our lives. Definition of love is different from person to person as some find joy or some hate. I believe love cannot be shown. It only feels breath similarly. 

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People show love towards almighty God, parents and loved ones, and there is never condition in love because it is unrequited. Love is very complex for people, or sometimes we all feel very emotional, which force us to take some impromptu decisions.

I would say in the real world, and love is boneless because it cannot be broken despite facing such a tumultuous roar or difficulty. There is always mutual trust and love between two people, like an alternating current motor that never goes off once you turned on. Love is always unconditional and fragile, which people should maintain a fair balance between both sides.

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