Describe Something You Do to stay Healthy During Lockdown without Gym

Describe something you do to stay healthy during Lockdown without gym and exercise

You should say:

  • what it is
  • how often do you do it
  • how you do it (or, how easy or difficult it is to do) and
  • explain how it helps to keep you fit.

Sample Answer of Describe something you do to stay healthy during Lockdown without gym and exercise

It is an excellent question because everyone faced this situation and learn something new. so I would like to speak about how to stay healthy without gym and exercise during the lockdown. First of all, to say always think positive, don’t think negative. During the lockdown, I am very conscious about diet because we eat junk food and fatty food. You can do different types of yoga, high jump, meditation, skipping rope, etc.

But frequently I do skipping rope because it is comfortable to do it in my compound so first I stared twenty twenty-two parts .however, day by day increasing and nowadays I do hundred in 3 slots. And do it on a regular basis, but honestly speaking, when I started to do then it was challenging for me because after a long time, do it. Still, I don’t know exactly how many years I have done this activity, and the first day, my legs are very painful; when I do it frequently, I boost my energy level and my strong immune system because I have a gastric problem. Still, I do not have any problem and eat anything. I care about my diet because it is also the main part of staying healthy, so I eat good food, and generally, I prefer eggs and ground vegetables.

Follow-ups Describe Something You Do to Stay Healthy During Lockdown Without Gym.

Question (1) What do older people in your country do to keep healthy

Answer – well, in my country older people frequently go for a morning walk or evening walk and always eat healthy food, like, fruit, dry fruit, underground vegetables, etc. When I go running in the morning, I saw most people outside the garden who prefer to drink different types of juice. Like carrot, bit, and kiwi, orange.

Question (2) What kinds of sports are popular in India?

Answer – well, in my country one of the most popular sports is cricket because everyone loves to watch and play, and in this game, ages do not matter, and most of the youngsters love to play this game.

Question (3) Do you think young people should play dangerous sports?

Answer – well, Definitely No, because it is very harmful to them and their family. You heard that around last 2 years ago. I don’t know about that online game, but it was a hazardous game and youngsters addicted. When you lost your task, they gave instructions to do something, and many youngsters committed suicide.

Question (4) What else can people do to keep fit besides sports?

Answer: Well, there are many different types of activities; you can do yoga, meditation, and a healthy diet. And you can go for a walk, run .and I also a health-conscious so prefer to go for a walk daily at 6 am.

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