Describe Someone You Know Who Is a Good Cook

Describe Someone You Know Who Is a Good Cook

You should say:

  • who this person is
  • how you know him or her
  • what kinds of food he/she cooks

Sample Answer of Describe Someone You Know Who Is a Good Cook

It would be good for me to tell you about the good cook, one of the best chefs is my mother, and she makes delicious food and always tries to be happy with everyone with their recipe. Because, when I was in 8th standard, and we had a competition about good food, my mother helped me and made Gujarati handle.

I got first prize in the school, and then I know my mother is an outstanding chef, and she can make different types of foods, for instance, Chinese rice, Chinese noodles with Manchurian, Panjabi foods, south Indian, pau bhaji, jeera rice, dal fry. So, I love to eat her delicious food.

Follow-ups Describe Someone You Know Who Is a Good Cook.

Question 1) What are the prospects of building a career as a cook in your country?

Answer – Well, there are several opportunities in our country because we have started on a television live program, who is the best chef and want to open your own restaurant.

Question 2) What special dishes do you want to taste? Why?

Answer – I want to taste sizzler because I loved to eat and add ingredients broiler and carrot, cauliflower, some vegetables, so I like it.

Question 3) What traditional food you would like your foreign friends to try?

Answer – Generally, they want to try corn chapati with mixed vegetables and dal jeera rice in traditional style on Chula because it tastes delicious.

Question 4) How often do Indian people cook at home?

Answer – Generally, most people cook at home on a daily basis. And, people go often go outside for food on weekends and most people festival otherwise they cook at home. All are middle class, so families.

Question 5) There are more restaurants nowadays. Do you think people eat out more?

Answer – Yes, nowadays people don’t waste their time and do it quickly, so I think people go to more restaurants.

Question 6) Do schools have cooking classes in your country?

Answer – No, in my country, I remember no cooking classes in school.

Question 7) Do you think we should teach children how to cook?

Answer – Definitely yes, I think we should teach how to cook because in any kind of situation they are alone at home and sometimes help them and they know then they will make anything.

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