Describe an Energetic Person That You Know

Describe an Energetic Person that You Know

You should say:

Who is this person?

How do you know this person?

Why do you think this person is energetic?

And explain how you feel about this person?

Sample Answer of Describe an Energetic Person that You Know 

There are many people in my life I meet among them is Kaushal who is very excited about new and traditional things. We have been good friends and we met each other for the first time in the early days of school where we had a great bonding which turned into great relations.

He is very funny while cracking jokes but he has depth knowledge about the active world and enthusiastic about multiple things. Time I very precious thing for people but his one earning value is he never upset whenever anyone asks for help, he so energetic inactive in many sports and gymnastics. He is live wire whenever we play any kind of sports. Especially playing a cricket game with him means a lesser chance to win although he is also good at a pitch in speech with people as his humor is on another level.

He is keen perceptive about investment as he analysis a number of things before attempting any investment. He scored many milestones at an early age of his life as he overnight made a huge amount of income through forex exchange. He is very keen on new things about its function and theories. I always describe him as a good fellow as he has developed ambidextrous skills. I really feel blessed that I have a person like him who motivates and inspires me to do adventures in life.

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