Crimes Rates Amongst Younger People Have Been Rising

In many countries, crimes rates amongst younger people have been rising. Discuss the causes and solutions for this problem.

In this epoch of development and growth, the youth is indulging in illegal acts in many nations, escalating the rate of criminality. Multiple reasons are responsible for this grave problem that can be alleviated with the required actions discussed in this essay.

Conducting the explanation with a paramount cause, the lack of proper education is one of the key factors that leads the youngsters towards criminal activity as educated people can draw the line between right and wrong whereas educated masses fail to do this. Thus, the illiterates break the rules and regulations in most cases. To exemplify, those states having less literate folks have more adults into awful activities, states like Delhi Uttar Pradesh.

Ancillary to this, the government of states should focus on the education of individuals and that both the mother and father should keep an eye on their children and guide them with moral and ethical values as, in this global society, distinct types of crimes are emerging like cyber-crime, rapes. Colleges and parents to guide their younger kids with the right way to use social media handlers. Also, sex education in a proper manner has to be given in schools and colleges, which can plunge down the crime rate in this modern world.

To epitomise, although parents and teachers would provide the facilities to remit deviant behaviour among youngsters, the younger ones must self-evaluate before doing any act that would be a more effective method to control crime.

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