Describe a Teacher From the Past Whom You Remember

Describe a Teacher From the Past Whom You Remember;  You should say:

  • what class the teacher taught you and how old you were
  • what subject he/she taught you
  • what this teacher’s special qualities were
  • and explain why still you remember this teacher.

Sample Answer of Describe a Teacher From the Past Whom You Remember

It is precise to say that teachers are like candles that burn themselves to enlighten others. They build the mind of the coming future of the nation. I learned countless things from my teachers. Now, I want to talk about my English teacher. His name is M. Neeraj, and he taught me in my senior secondary school.

I attended his classes for two years, and at that time, I was 15-16 years old. He is different from everyone in his way of teaching too. When he entered our class, it brought a smile to our faces most of the time. His lecture was second last, but the energy with which he came freshen our minds also.

He is an energetic, punctual, honest and responsible teacher. Within two years, it may be 2-3 days when he was absent. Even when any of us took leave, he needed a valid reason for it. I actually never forget a person from whom I learned something. When sir enters into class, firstly, he interprets our mood from facial expressions.

If a class seems dull, then to make us laugh, he starts doing fun activities. Moreover, his way of teaching was outstanding after he explained everything from chapters; we were able to give a test of that chapter on the second day just by self-studying one more time. With his dedication towards teaching and hard work, our whole class achieved an 80+ score in board exams.

Follow-ups Describe a Teacher From the Past Whom You Remember.

Question 1 What kind of person, in your opinion, makes a good teacher?

Answer – a person who has an interest in teaching because it is not a cup of tea to make others learn just by explaining. Teaching demands effort and smart work. A disciplined, punctual, honest and energetic and dedicated person can be a good teacher.

Question 2 Why do some people choose to become teachers?

Answer – I think it depends on each person’s mentality. As some people find it interesting, some may want to serve the nation because a healthy mind of students will lead to a good nation. For some, it may be a source of income.

Question 3 Do you think the education process will change in the future? How?

Answer – According to my viewpoint at the present time, the theoretical burden on students is too much, and it is a serious concern during the present day because it causes stress and depression in students. So, considering this, I think there will be more practical work in the upcoming time.

Question 4 How does technology affect education?

Answer – Technology affects positively and negatively as from the internet we can get knowledge about what we want to learn. It widens our horizon of knowledge. However, social media and video players and various tv shows distract the children from study.

Question 5 Who do you think should be responsible for teaching manners and good behaviour to young children – parents or teachers? Why?

Answer – I think parents, as well as educators, are responsible for the upbringing of children. After home, a school is a place where children spend the whole day. So they both have to put effort equally to make them learn good manners and identify what is wrong and right.

Question 6 what modern techniques should teachers adopt to make the teaching more fun and intuitive, especially for children?

Answer – Educators can use songs, videos or poems to make them learn. Teachers can use different toys to teach them. For instance, to teach fruit names, teachers can use toys that are made of plastic. Moreover, educators can implement different activities to teach a specific topic.

Question 7 How has education changed in your country in the last 10 years?

Answer – Before a decade ago, I think practical work was less as compared to the present. Lack of apparatus for activities and experiments is one of the reasons. Other things, everyone has a phone now so by using the internet children easily grasp the concepts whereas it was difficult for students in the past.

Question 8 What changes do you foresee in the next 50 years?

Answer – In my opinion, there will be a change in practical work as now children are dealing with more theoretical work. Also, there may be a change in exam format, and exams can be more subjective in upcoming years.

Question 9 How do the expectations of today’s school leavers compare with those of the previous generation?

Answer – Today’s generation is fully aware of the importance of gaining knowledge, so everyone wishes to learn or study more.

Question 10 How beneficial do you think it is to group students according to their level of ability?

Answer – I am totally dissatisfied with this because it can demotivate the students who become under the lower sections. These years are learning years of students, so why is there a need to divide them on the basis of their scoring in academics. No one is perfect, and it is not necessary that if a child is weak in academics, it does not mean he is not creative at all.

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