Some Believe That People Will Buy a Product Based on Their Needs

Some believe that people will buy a product based on their needs, and there is no need for advertising. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the essay?

Some people say that products will be purchased based on daily needs and not by watching the advertisements. At the same time, others argue that advertising plays a major role in choosing the product to purchase.

To begin with, advertising and marketing play a major role in increasing the sales profit. There are various strategies that are followed in order to showcase a product. Few prefer to promote it on social media, while few as brochures. Few companies invest a lot, even in the advertising segment. When comparing the newly implemented and reputed product-based companies, the promoting formulae differ a lot. Say for a new startup, they will have a limit and cannot spend it on high levels of campaigning. The reputed companies even use celebrities to promote their products, just like the actor Mahesh Babu promoting Thumps Up, which is a part of Coco-Cola. The Coco cola organization is well-reputed and is known to everyone but still they advertise their products. Because they try to influence and attract people in order to buy their items, this obviously helps in gaining profits in the shares and stocks.

In addition to it, few argue that advertising a product is of no use. Because one’s need for a product will motivate them to step out and buy it, they even claim that advertisements of reputed products will show their impact on the newly launched products. Few advertising agents use high performance to promote themselves, such as performing stunts. This influences the adults badly; they try to imitate the stunts that the professionals perform without any supervision. The amount spent will also be huge that can instead be used to donate to the helpless.

To conclude, advertising a product is really a good way to gain profits. It helps an individual to know that there is an availability of the product they are looking for. But, it should be promoted casually without any actions that have an influence on others.

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