Competition for University Study Is Becoming Increasingly Strong

Competition for university study is becoming increasingly strong. Why are universities becoming more competitive? Is this a positive or negative development?

Past few decades, its seen that humankind put more weight on education than before. The majority of learners want to get an education from the university. Therefore, competition has been increased. In this essay, I will mitigate the reason behind it as well as demonstrates which types of advancement are in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

To embarking with, there are numerous reasons that illustrate why this is happening. First and foremost, amenities and a wider curriculum in the university teaching staff are generally pedagogical. They have more resources than schools or colleges, which is useful, especially for those who like autonomous study. Secondly, a study from university yield status in community and fees is lower, hence, economically beneficial; the student also gets a scholarship.

I believe that it is a positive development. Owing to the competition, learners work hard to get admission to the university by academic achievement, which also aids amenity study skills. In other words, because of competition, pupils shifted to synthesis work instead of role-teaching. Furthermore, education level goes on upward as well as it improves the standard of study.

To end with, for study, students giving more preference to university. Thus, it leads to completion. Because of the quality of and experience teaching staff, essential resources and updated syllabus are majority reasons behind it. I believe that it changed the education structure and succour to learners.

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