Although More and More People Read News on the Internet

Although more and more people read news on the Internet, newspapers will remain the most important source of news for the majority of people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Research from the media industry conveyed that the internet plays a vital role in the media and press industry, but still, newspapers are considered a predominant source of information. I strongly disagree with this. This essay is going to discuss how the internet is carried and handover the news to the common public.

Firstly, in this fast-growing technology world, everyone has a smartphone with the internet on it. At the same time, we can access much news on fingertips with the support of handheld devices. The highest number of people prefer to know the information as quickly as possible. For example – they prefer to read e-paper and watch news videos online and listen to podcasts simultaneously with daily life. The Internet supports the media sector by making an enormous effort to reach the information to the people by flash news pop-ups, short video clips, blogs, etc.

Secondly, social media carries the responsibility to pass the information over the world in a fraction of seconds. Hence information should reach humans at the right time at the right place. So it could be treated effectively. Example – The hospital is requesting a blood donation for a patient admitted to the emergency ward; this information passes from smartphone to social media platforms, Whatsapp, Facebook within 30 minutes of the post. The patient is admitted for further treatment, whereas several donors have donated the blood.

To conclude, here is a handheld device that collects and passes the data through a network medium so-called world wide web. Since demand for data is greater, supply should be fast enough to obtain effective service.

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