Talk About a Lazy Person You Know

Talk About a Lazy Person You Know

Talk About a Lazy Person You Know

  • Who the person is
  • How well you know him
  • What makes this person lazy
  • What should he do to improve

Sample Answer of Talk About a Lazy Person You Know

Some people are so lazy, and some are energetic and enthusiastic. I would hereby mention one of schoolmate Mr Wilson, while he was in school, he had been punished several occasions for not being done the homework and late. Even though he became a grown-up boy, he didn’t care to change his attitude. However, after plus two, he dropped studies and joined his fathers business, just for a namesake and spent time with his peers of the same behaviour. As he is my neighbour, I have several instances to emphasise his lackadaisical behaviour.

His parents were in the middle east, and he is the only heir to all the assets. This made him lazier. To improve, he has to work hard in his family business and show his mettle. There are examples in our real world about the school dropout turned into successful people due to their hard work and sincerity. Add to this; he should have a motto to augment the business and come out with flying colours.

Follow-ups Talk About a Lazy Person You Know.

Question 1 How can a lazy person make money?

Answer – The majority of the lazy persons are sitting alone and doing their business with others who are experts in the current field.

Question 2 How to motivate lazy people?

Answer – Lazy people can be motivated by sending them yoga classes and by proper counselling.

Question 3 According to you, what characteristics define a lazy person?

Answer – Not show any interest in the work or any of the productive activities.

Question 4 According to you, can a lazy person be successful?

Answer – Yes, if he had a strong determination to change himself, he can succeed

Question 5 Do you think a lazy person to do a difficult job

Answer – Yes, it is , even the qualified people find it difficult to get into their dream seats; how can a lazy person gain it

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