Your Friend Is Considering Taking the Same Course as You at University

Your friend is considering taking the same course as you at university. he/she have asked for your advice on studying this subject.
Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

  • Describe in detail the course you took at the university
  • Explain why you recommend the university
  • Give some tips on how to apply

Dear Vasvi,

I hope you are doing well. It has been really long since we have met and I am thrilled to know that you are planning to go for the same course I am studying; thus we might get to spend next year together. I must say that your choice of subjects has always been marvellous, thence, you landed to Masters in English. We have two sessions, each consists of six months, and in every session, we have four Books. The exam not only has subjective questions but also has few practicals. You can get the syllabus on the university’s website, which will provide you with a finer picture. Taking this course will prove to be a turning point in your life for good.

Trust me, and you would not find any better university for this as I have researched a lot before finalising anything. They have an experienced faculty, lively environment and innovative learning system. In the curriculum, excursions to museums and face to face meetings with famous writers are included. I highly recommend you to get admission as soon as possible.

The application process is not rocket science. You need to go to the website where you will get the online admission form. Fill in the details and attach all the required documents. Once the university is done with the verification process, you will call to visit and complete the process with fee submission.

I wish you good luck with the admission process. I can’t wait to see you soon.

Take care

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