You Will Be Celebrating Your Son’s 6th Birthday Next Week

You will be celebrating your son’s 6th birthday next week. You want to invite one of your colleagues to attend the birthday party.
Write an invitation letter to this college. In your letter,

invite your colleague to your son’s birthday party
give details of the party and its date and time
say how happy you and your family would be to have him/her at the party

Dear Mr. deep,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to extend a warm invitation to you to attend my son’s upcoming 6th birthday party, which will take place next week. As someone I have worked closely with for some time now, I would be delighted if you could join us for this special occasion.

The party will take place on 02/19/2023 at 9 pm at our home. We have planned a fun-filled day of games, music, and of course, cake! My son is very excited to celebrate his big day with his friends and family, and we would be thrilled to have you there to share in the joy.

As a colleague, you have been an important part of my professional life, and I believe it is equally important to celebrate and share in the personal milestones that make life so special. My family and I would be honored if you could join us on this special day, and I am confident that you will enjoy yourself as much as we will.

Please let me know if you are able to attend the party, and if you have any dietary restrictions or other preferences that we should keep in mind as we plan the event.

Thank you for considering my invitation, and I hope to see you at the party!

Best regards,


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