You Want to Learn a Language: GT Writing Task 1

You Want to Learn a Language. There Is a Teacher Near Where You Live. Write a Letter to The Teacher in The Letter:

  • Say how You Came to Know About Him/her,
  • Explain Why You Want to Learn,
  • Ask Them What Help They Can Offer.

Dear Sandeep,

I hope this letter finds you well. I was referred to you by a friend who had previously taken Dutch language classes from you. My name is Manjeet, and I am interested in learning Dutch as a second language. I am writing to inquire about the possibility of taking classes with you.

I am passionate about language learning and believe that it is essential to communicate effectively with people from different cultures. I have always been fascinated by Dutch culture and history and plan to visit the Netherlands. Therefore, learning the language will enrich my travel experience and help me connect better with Dutch-speaking people.

After hearing about your teaching experience and expertise, I am confident that I can achieve my goal of becoming proficient in Dutch with your help. I am hoping that you can provide me with guidance and support to achieve my language learning objectives. I am interested in learning the language through a combination of reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities.

I am writing to inquire about the classes you offer and the help you can provide. I would appreciate it if you could provide me with more information about your teaching methods, the duration of each session, the frequency of classes, and the fees charged. Additionally, I would also like to know if you provide personalized lessons to cater to my specific learning needs and goals.

I am enthusiastic about learning Dutch with your help and believe that your expertise and experience would be invaluable in achieving my language learning objectives. I would appreciate your response, and I look forward to taking classes with you soon.

Thank you for your time and attention.



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