You Relocated to An Overseas Country Recently and Shipped Your Furniture

You relocated to an overseas country recently and shipped your furniture and other possessions through a shipping company. When you received them, you found some of them got damaged. Write a letter to the delivery manager of the shipping company:

– When and where the shipment was
– Describe the damages
– What do you want the shipment company to do.

Sample answer of You Relocated to An Overseas Country Recently and Shipped Your Furniture

Dear Mahesh,

I am writing this letter to express my deep dissatisfaction with regards to your services which I availed recently. I am Anjali Sharma resident of Digha Area Patna few weeks ago I shipped a set of Antique furniture consisting a Bed, a dressing table with mirror and a two door almirah along with some expensive porcelain ware to Ras al Khaimah in UAE, Airway bill no is 123456. As I relocated here permanently so I wanted to have them with me all the time as it was a gift from my parents so I was emotionally attached to them.

The moment I opened the parcel I was very disappointed to see the condition of the crockery. They were all broken into pieces. There were a few cracks in the mirror of the dressing table also. Despite paying extra charges for the safety packaging I received them damaged.

However, the damage has been done and it can not be repaired now, therefore, I want you to refund the equivalent amount of the crockeries with the shipping charges included in it as soon as possible.

Waiting for your response.

Thank you

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