You Experienced an Incident on Public Transport

You experienced an incident on public transport that caused you distress. Write a letter to the manager of the public transport company. In your letter

– describe the incident
– explain how this incident affected you
– suggest what could be done about it.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to appraise you with some tumultuous event that troubled me when I was travelling from Ahmedabad to Surat. I am a resident of Ahmedabad, and I had an impromptu journey last week as my uncle got an accident. The whole journey was around 6 hours, but the bus was on time, and we reached our destination before the scheduled time. However, I have noticed that many passengers were starting to hustle for seats where senior citizens were seated already, though the conductor and driver were not even responding to them.

I was dignified by seeing this much violence in the bus as those young passengers were using offensive words, which negatively influenced other travellers. I was shocked by experiencing such kind of event in the public transport systems.

I would request you to give a certain kind of authority to conductors to take the necessary steps to solve such a horrific act. Many times some female travellers feel reluctant to travel in public transport systems. Or higher authority should provide police constable duties in such places where prevention of offensive acts is required.

Hoping for prompt action in this matter!

Yours faithfully,

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