Women Study Science and Technology but Do Not Work in These Fields

Women Study Science and Technology but Do Not Work in These Fields

In many parts of the world, women study science and technology but do not work in these fields. What measures can be taken to encourage women to work in science and technology?

Many times females pursue science degrees, but they practice and prefer jobs in other fields. Firstly this essay shall discuss how women-oriented opportunities government should create to empower them in respective sectors of the work field. Secondly, it will argue that our society should take some initiative and motive them to work in relevant fields of study.

It has been discussed by many experts that there are a lot of opportunities available in the market for female candidates. Still, they choose office related work and some domestic house chores. Though, higher authorities should provide some opportunity to them to set examples for others. A reservation system should encourage and welcome them to work in the science field. For instance, many girls are taking their chance to prove their ability at the national level as some government mining and manufacturing industries have been reserved for women in India so they can develop their all rounding ability in either sector of work. Thus, the intervention of higher authority is always fruitful for women as they can play a pivotal role in our nation to development.

However, one of the major adversaries in women’s lives is our own society who still hold the narrow view, which used to create obstacles in their lives in the past century. Though, People should motivate and try to up-bring their morals to guide them in certain work fields. For example, developed nations do have not much issue with this kind of influence. In the USA, one of the technical pharmaceutical companies called DNA was created by a single woman. Therefore, society also plays an integral role to drive energy in women so they can be flexible to work in certain fields.

To conclude, a reservation scheme would be better for a path to ride for women. Moreover, society should equally encourage them to work in relevant work fields.

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