Write a Letter to Your Neighbour Asking Him/her to Take Care

Write a letter to your neighbour asking him/her to take care of your home while you are away for a week on vacation. please tell?

Explain where you are going and why.
What do you want from me?
What to do in case of an emergency?

Dear friend,
I hope this letter finds you in good health. You had asked me last week about our tour plan in a funny way as you are aware that one year would not pass without our trip to some interesting place.

This year, my brother and family are coming to visit us, and we are going to Munnar as it is a tranquil place to visit during this season. Even though we visited Munnar last year, my brother expressed his desire to visit here because one of his intimate friends is coming with him, and this is his choice.
We will start from here at 6 am on 10/06/21 and be back on 20th evening; as usual, please water my plants in the morning or evening according to your convenience and feed my hens. In the evening, please switch on the light in the sit-out area and do switch off it by 10 pm. If there is an emergency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with my brother, he is a police officer living at Maple junction, just 3km from our place and his mobile number is xxxxxxxx.
I hope, as usual, you are happy to help me in this regard, and my house will be safe under your supervision. Once again, I express my sincere gratitude in advance for all your support.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

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