Write a Letter to a Bus Manager to Describe the Long Bus Trip You Had the Last Trip

Write a letter to a bus manager to describe the long bus trip you had the last trip and you few other passengers were unhappy about. In your letter

– When was the trip?
– Why do you feel unhappy?
– Suggestions to improve the bus service?

Dear Bus Manager,

I am writing to bring to your attention a long bus trip that I took on your bus service recently. The trip was on 25th March, from New York City to Boston. Unfortunately, I and a few other passengers were not satisfied with the bus service.

Firstly, the bus was not very clean, and the seats were uncomfortable, which made the long journey even more challenging. The bus was also quite crowded, with several passengers having to stand or sit in uncomfortable positions due to the lack of space.

Secondly, the air conditioning on the bus was not working correctly, making the journey uncomfortable and unpleasant. The temperature inside the bus was too high, which caused several passengers to feel unwell and irritable.

Lastly, the bus driver did not communicate well with the passengers regarding the stops and the estimated time of arrival, which caused confusion and frustration among the passengers.

I suggest that your bus service takes the following steps to improve the bus service:

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the buses to ensure that they are comfortable and clean for the passengers.

Proper air conditioning and ventilation to ensure that the temperature inside the bus is comfortable for the passengers.

Improved communication with passengers regarding the stops and estimated time of arrival, so that they can plan their journey and be more comfortable.

I hope that you will take these suggestions into consideration and take the necessary steps to improve the bus service. I believe that these improvements will not only benefit the passengers but also improve the reputation and profitability of your bus service.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Rashid Pandya

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