Today Many Children Spend a Lot of Time Playing Computer Games and Little Time on Sports

Today many children spend a lot of time playing computer games and little time on sports. Why is it? Is it a positive or negative development?

The importance of sports, which was always debatable, has now become a more controversial issue all over the world. Due to the advancement of technology, juvenile utilizes more time on video games as compared to outdoor games. There are various reasons behind this statement, and I think it is negative advancement which I Will be described in upcoming paragraphs.

Analyzing the statement and explaining further, the first and foremost reason behind this is that, these days, the land area is the least where juveniles can play. Mostly, in an urban area, numerous buildings are available almost in all areas. In my point of view, children want to play, but because of this reason they prefer to use mobiles and computers to play games. Another striking reason in this regard is that technology gravitates to youngsters for playing games because of the quality and features in-game. Be in a point, the PUBG, free fire and call of duty games provide the amenity to them for communicating with others players, and they find it more interesting.

However, there are some reasons behind this statement why it is negative advancement. Actually, when children are playing games, they spend a large time on types of equipment. As a result, they are gone through health issues. Be in a case, and a survey was conducted by London university every year 40% youngsters faced the eye weakness issue by reason of that sports. In last, they are usually communicated with the unknown person through games where they are not able to recognize the attention of other people.

In conclusion, it is clear that the use of technology also has some negative sides. They have an adverse impact on the health of humans when they utilize the duration of online games rather than playing on grounds by virtue of less land area.

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