Time Management IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Time Management IELTS Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Time Management IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Question 1. Are you ever late for anything?

Answer – I personally believe people should always be on time, and we should be punctual until and unless there are some genuine reasons for being late. I have also been late but not many times; I can remember an incident which happened in 2019 when I was in Dubai while going for duty; I couldn’t manage to get down to my destination, which was Noor bank because of the crowd, I got down at next station and took a taxi for the office.

Question 2. What excuses do you use when you are late?

Answer – As I mentioned earlier, I believe in punctuality, and I was taught this when I started my career at Oberoi’s hotel in New Delhi. Rarely do I get late, and whenever I am late, I explain the genuine reason, and they trust me on that. Also, I believe in informing in advance if I am getting late.

Question 3. What excuses do people have when they are late?

Answer – Everyone has their own way of handling this. But most of the time, I have seen people using traffic as a reason a lot. Then sickness is another most used reason, I think. In the rainy season, rain is used a lot as an excuse, and in most cases, it’s genuine also.

Question 4. Are you good at organizing time?

Answer – Yes, I believe I am quite good at it. Especially when I was working, every second was important for me. For working professionals, it becomes very difficult to manage the professional and personal life if it’s not managed properly. We must use our time wisely.

Question 5. How do you usually organize time?

Answer – I love living a routine life; I always divide my time as per the work and try to complete them in a dedicated time frame. Suppose nowadays I am at home the whole day so every day before 12 pm I try to finish all the household work so that I can prepare for my studies in the second half.

Question 6. Do you think planning is important for time management?

Answer – Time management is very important, and one must do it in order to finish everything on time. I personally feel it’s the key to success. If anything is pending related to office work or personal also, I feel like a burden, and the moment I finish them, I feel so light.

Question 7. Why do you think some people pay to learn time management?

Answer – There could be only one objective. They want to know how to do time management so that they can make the best use of every moment of their life. Such people always succeed in their life. I also feel that in a few people, it comes naturally if they are focused on their lives both personally and professionally.

Question 8. Do you think children should learn to manage time?

Answer – Of course, they must think about it, so that they can also learn that time is important and they must respect it. It will also help them in balancing their academic and personal life. And they will be able to finish everything before the deadline.

Question 9. Why do some people find it hard to follow their plans?

Answer – There could be many reasons why people are not able to manage their plans, like they are not well, so much responsibility, some unexpected things have come up, mentally they are not happy being a housewife despite making time tables. I also face challenges in managing my routines.

Question 10. How would you teach your children time management?

Answer – Right now, I do not have any kids, but of course, in the future, whenever I will become a mother, I would love to teach them about how to best utilize time in their life and also the importance of it.

Question 11. Do old people and young people manage time in a similar way?

Answer – I partially agree with this, and I believe they have their own way of managing time. I think younger generations are more serious in terms of time utilization, whereas because of less responsibility, older people are not that serious about it.

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