Some People Believe That Increasing Business and Cultural Contacts

Some people believe that increasing business and cultural contacts between different countries have positive development, while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

There is nothing wrong to say that globalization has revolutionized our world in different aspects. Some people think it is positive that increasing business and culture between different countries leads to positive development whereas some are not satisfied with this statement. In the upcoming paragraphs, I am going to discuss both sides. However, I support the former view.

To begin with, the advantage of changing cultures among different countries assists in understanding the religion and viewpoints of one country. With this, people get to know how to fulfil the expectations of the people that belong from that nation because tourism is the main source of income in each country, people visit different countries to explore their knowledge and spend their quality time in an entertaining and learning way. Moreover, sharing knowledge with people from different religions brings harmony to the world. Adding more, business among each country enhances the development of a country. Exchanging goods overseas or borders leading to a comfortable and easy lifestyle. Last but not least, business overseas needs many employers, so it also gives opportunities to unemployed ones to earn money.

On the other hand, when cultures and traditions are used as money-making attractions, they may lose their importance. Moreover, just to overcome language barriers, people seem more interested in other countries’ languages and forgetting to give importance and respect to their mother tongue language. Also, people thought that sharing ideas and views with others provides information to other countries that may give rise to terrorism.

However, I believe that culture and mother tongue have their own importance that cannot be negotiated by anyone. Secondly, for terrorism, I personally think that if people start understanding each other’s views, it will bring more peace to the world, and the whole world will appear to be family to all. Also,

In the end, I would like to say that sharing culture and business brings positive development as it assists in attracting people from different regions and widen our horizons of knowledge. Also, international business and travelling is a source of income for a huge number of people.

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