The News Company Is Going to Start a New Program on TV About a Particular Place

The news company is going to start a new program on TV about a particular place. Write a letter to offer your suggestions on what the program should be like. In your letter, you should tell:

  • How you know about that place
  • What suggestions you would like to make
  • Why you are offering these suggestions

Dear sir/Ma’am,

My name is Suzzanne John, and I reside at Gulmohar Colony, Hyderabad. I genuinely admire your company for the knowledge you provide us through your programs. I am writing this letter to suggest to you my opinion of your new TV programme.

When I saw the clip about the new TV programme on the history of Hyderabad, I became very excited as I am a local resident of this city. Hyderabad is indeed a historic city with an insurmountable history.

However, I would like to suggest to you a few things consider for your new show. This city has many historical sites, of which few have not been explored much, so I would be glad if you consider adding these places so we can gain insights about it like Malwala Palace, Spanish mosque, Elgandal Fort. You can even consider questioning local inhabitants to know more amazing facts about the places.

The reason I want you to include these places is they are not much popular, and even local people do not know much about them even though they are worth sightseeing. The other reason is the people who have lived here may know many surprising facts about the place which may astonish us.

I would be really grateful if my suggestions were considered.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

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