Talk About a Computer/Phone Game You Have Enjoyed Playing Since Your Childhood

Talk about a computer/phone game you have enjoyed playing since your childhood.

  • What is the game about?
  • When do you start playing it?
  • How often do you play this game?
  • Why do you enjoy playing it?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Computer/Phone Game You Have Enjoyed Playing Since Your Childhood

Well these days children are so obsessed with computer games, and here I would like to talk about a computer game that I in from my childhood actually you remember when I was in 6 Creed my father got me a new computer and their number of full games and another kind of subs in this computer, and there is also a typing master well my parents a liberal install this came in the computer because they wanted to improve my typing skills and even breathe improve the speed of my typing on the computer well actually I was really lucky that I have this machine and my early childhood Bell in because of this game I learnt how to play the fingers on the keyboard and because of that I could improve my eyes a speed on a keyboard fell the words were a coming in different shapes and colours that this game not only improves my language on the computer but also it is held me to improve my English language skills because I know.

Follow Ups of Talk About a Computer/Phone Game You Have Enjoyed Playing Since Your Childhood

Question 1:- What is the impact on teens addicted to the game?

Answer:- Well, it has a lot of positive and negative effects. I can see that negative effects are far more than positive if because the sides of teenagers can become weaker and they do not concentrate on their studies as well on the other hand on the positive side we can say that it helps them to concentrate because whenever we do any kind of came, we can concentrate on the screen continuously, so it helps us to concentrate and it improves our concentration

Question 2:- Should parents and teachers take necessary action to prevent the children from playing games?

Answer:-¬†Yes, of course, it’s a responsibility of parents as well as teachers to take some measures to prevent the children from playing these harmful games as that parents should have to do to give knowledge about to the students that they should have to concentrate on their studies and they should. Tell them how it affects their health as well as their studies and on the other hand teachers can encourage the students to play only academic games that can improve their studies, as well as that, do not harm their them mentally or physically.

Question 3:- Why game has been popular amongst teenagers in recent years?

Answer:- Explain recent years the use of computer and a mobile phone has been dead degrees so that’s why are also working so that they cannot take care of their children of what they do all the time and children have no fear to from their parents and their elders they do not have to get permission from their parents to play the game because they have their own mobile phones and the online games also encourage children to do games more and more because nowadays there are a number of games like pub Ji

Question 4:- What are the benefits of playing games

Answer:- Well, games for those who play it this day’s games for some time or they have some limited time to play master with his help the students to enhance their English language skills, as well as typing skills on the other hand People, has to play them for a limited time period so that I don’t think they harm the people physically or mentally.

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