Some Scientists Think that Computers Will Soon Become More Intelligent than Humans

Some scientists think that computers will soon become more intelligent than humans. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Dependence on technology has increased ever since computers were launched; Charles Babbage was the first person who invented mechanical computers. Computers are believed to be a great source of help in organisations, Personal life and also for students. I strongly agree with the given statement that computers will surpass the intelligence of humans.

It was believed that humans have great minds; Science also states that with every generation, the size of the human brain will increase by 1 per cent. As it is said, with great minds come unbelievable innovations, Computers are one such item. The working globe is entirely dependent on the use of computers and laptops. When computers couldn’t be taken along, the invention of the laptop took place, and both provide the same utility. Earlier, In large organisations, a plethora of paperwork was done, and huge documents were required to be kept as a source document. In case there is a fire, all documents have the risk of being burnt, resulting in the loss of important documents. This resulted in not only wastage of resources but also the hard work of all employees. The Discovery of computers not only helped keep documents intact in one place, and no special storage room was to be created. In addition to this, the element of secrecy has been achieved in contrast to that of documents that could earlier be stolen. 

Reduction in the use of paper not only helped organisations save a penny but also has saved the environment on a large scale. If computers did not replace paperwork, it would have resulted in the destruction of the planet. Today, improvements in the manufacturing of computers have increased to such an extent that they are faster than humans. Previously, Emails took a longer time to get delivered; plenty of times, computers would hang and work would get delayed. On the contrary, computers are much faster than before. They sometimes know what we are thinking of. 

To sum up, Humans created computers, and now computers will replace the importance of humans! Every discovery looks tempting, but the reality is only experienced after years of dependence. 

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