Some People Think that Enjoying the Present Is More Important than Planning for The Future

Some people think that enjoying the present is more important than planning for the future for both countries and individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people think that having fun in the present is more important than planning and taking decisions on what may happen in the future, which is not sure.

On the one hand, people must enjoy the present moments as the time is going and we never get this time back. So instead of spending time unnecessarily on some thoughts, they must learn to utilize them fruitfully. They must find time to relax with friends and family members, thus making many memories. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. So, there is no use planning everything ahead without any surety. As an example, sometimes people save money without sharing it with others who are in need. They collect and save it for future enjoyment. But something tragic may happen, and the usage of the saved items cannot be enjoyed.

On the other hand, living a life according to one’s own wishes without any thoughts on the future is also dangerous. As stated above, we are not sure about tomorrow. So, if we need something, it may not be accessible in a short span of time. Therefore, a thought on the future must be there in all our activities. As an example, if a student is lazy about studying, thinking it is not important to plan for the future and can enjoy it now, then he may end up jobless in the mere future. He may not even find someone to help him financially. Thus his situation might get worse, living with no means for proper food and shelter. Thus, a group of youth with no future goals may result in the disaster of that country as no one is appropriate to fill the necessary job gaps in the society.

In my opinion, one must enjoy his present life without wasting time, along with a proper future plan. He must be aware of the next academic or professional step he should be taking in order to achieve his career goal. Thus both future and present can be made memorable without struggling and can make the country a better place similar to heaven.

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