Some People Think that Climate Change Could Have a Negative Effect on Business

Some people think that climate change could have a negative effect on business. Other people think that climate change could create more business opportunities. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is argued issue whether climate change adversely affects the business or it is an opportunity to grow. I will not only discuss what is the detrimental effect of climate variation on business but also what are the opportunities for business.

Examining the former opinion, changes in the weather is beneficial for the growth of the business. This is because it helps in increasing the demand for goods as well as the income of the business. For example, in summer, rises in temperature are creating demand for air conditioning. So, more and more people buy air conditioning, fan and cooler, which increases demand for these things and opens up opportunities not only for large businesses but also for the local shopkeeper. Hence, it boosts the income of shopkeepers and businesses.

Nevertheless, whether alteration also creates hurdles for certain businesses like farming and fishing. Firstly, farmers face many obstacles due to intensive changes in the climate. The immediate change in weather like heavy rains and droughts affect not only crops but also farmers incomes. This is due to the loss of their crops, and they do not have money to complete their basic needs. To cite an example, in 2007, owing to heavy rainfall in Gujarat, around 20-25% of the crop was lost due to flooding and farmers lost around 100 crore rupees. Henceforth, indirectly the climate change had a negative impact on many businesses.

To recapitulate, although climate change is beneficial for businesses, I believe that climate change is detrimental for businesses like the farming and fishing industry.

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