Some People Think That Being Creative During Your Time Off Is Helpful: Writing Task 2

Some people think that being creative during your time off is helpful. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this and express your own opinion.

Some people believe that being creative is beneficial during free time. I totally agree with the statement. There are various advantages, and a few drawbacks explained in the below paragraphs, followed by the conclusion.

People have limited free hours due to their busy schedules and must make the best use of them. They sometimes take leaves from their work to rejuvenate themselves from their daily jobs. They should utilize such times to be involved in numerous activities such as arts, dance, music, sports, etc. Adapting such hobbies increases the imaginative levels. Once a person has good expertise in any field of art, they can participate in competitions and get certificates or trophies. If one wins a prize, then the person feels more motivated than earlier.

Furthermore, they can also enrol in classes either offline or virtually to gain more knowledge. It makes them have a good deviation and feel energetic to get back to the routine lifestyle. People can also read and write books. Writing ensures one is innovative as one thinks about various aspects. This improves their intelligence, and it is the best way to improve one’s creativity.

However, there are a few disadvantages. People always tend to inculcate these pastimes only during breaks. This creates huge stress on their day-to-day activities. They must motivate themselves to spare time to develop a hobby every day apart from their jobs to stay active always.

In a nutshell, people should be involved in different aspects of adapting hobbies. Taking frequent breaks enables people to stay motivated and be innovative, and it is an excellent way to be dynamic.

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