Some Believe That People Should Make Efforts to Fight Climate Change

Some Believe That People Should Make Efforts to Fight Climate Change

Some believe that people should make efforts to fight climate change, while others think it is better to learn to live with it. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Many individuals think that people should accept the changes in climate and try to reside with them. However, some masses contradicts this opinion that people should combat it. This essay attempts to discuss both views, and I will give my opinion in the upcoming segments.

Nowadays, many changes occurring in the climate such as pollution are increasing by successive days, which is caused by cars, factories, plastic, and so on. All these kinds of things are affecting our environment adversely. However, there are many individuals who really work to prevent our globe from these changes. In addition, they generally do many tasks such as awarding people about the threats of these changes because these changes affected our environment in the long run. For instance, global warming causes huge harm to nature by melting icebergs at an increasing rate due to higher temperatures. Therefore, these are the reasons why many individuals tend to protect the Earth from changes, as these may also pave the way to death.

On the flip side, there are many masses who do not consider it essential to combat these climate changes as they started learning how to survive with these changes. Moreover, individuals do not care about these troubles as they just want to increase their money with the use of plastic or through factories. They do not feel that it is necessary to protect the environment. Additional, they think that a new planet that resembles our earth will be found in future. To illustrate, Elon Mark has observed that Mars will provide Habitat for humans in the future.

To conclude, I opened that there is a need to protect our Earth from these climate changes by reducing the use of those things which are damaging our world, and government should also promote this idea of protecting the environment.

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