Schools Should Not Force Children to Learn a Foreign Language Writing Task 2 (2) (1)

Schools Should Not Force Children to Learn a Foreign Language: Writing Task 2

Schools should not force children to learn a foreign language, because some students don’t have a natural ability for languages. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Learning a second language is one of the hallmarks of a learner. Some opine that pupils should not be compelled to learn it as a few learners do not possess this innate ability to acquire language skills. I consider it an impractical approach because students must be multilingual in order to compete in the business market in their letter period of life.

At the outset, teaching every skill to nippers, including language skills, is the utmost responsibility of the schools. Although juveniles do not have the natural ability to learn as others might have. Firstly, if they are not forced, then students will not do hard work to attain linguistic ability. For instance, many IELTS aspirants and getting good bands in their IELTS test despite having natural abilities. It is because they do hard work, and with slow progress, they attain the fruits of their labour. If they had not been forced to learn, things would have been different.

Furthermore, exceptional cases are always there. But, the majority of cases can be seen in favour of learning alien languages even though they are disinterested. Initially, learners will face trouble; however, continuous practice can help them in learning it. For instance, if a learner does not have an interest in gaining linguistics skills, but later in the period of his/her life, he might be interested. So, if schools force them without considering their flair, then, in the long run, it would be advantageous for the children. Such as getting a good job, removing culture shock and two names but a few.

In conclusion, thus it is ostensible that additional language is lucrative for the pupils in the foreseeable future to have a bright future. It is possible only when schools force them to acquire without seeing their natural ability in it.

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