Road Accidents Are More Frequent These Days and Claim Many Lives Each Year

Road accidents are more frequent these days and claim many lives each year. As a result, some people suggest that drivers should take regular driving tests throughout their lives, rather than one single driving test, to improve the situation. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of repeat driving tests? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, road disasters are on the increase, and some individuals believe continuously repeating driving tests will rectify the issue. There are several benefits associated with employing repeat tests for all drivers, which outweigh the downsides.

The chief advantage of offering repeat driving tests is that drivers get informed of the latest changes in road rules and regulations. With numerous revisions being made to the existing traffic laws in many countries, the only way to be up to date is for drivers to be evaluated through continuous assessment. For example, in Zimbabwe recently, the introduction of left-wheel drive vehicles affected public transport drivers who were used to right-wheel cars, and occasionally, they were caught on the wrong side of the law.

Furthermore, when an individual knows that they will be regularly evaluated or assessed, it promotes effective driving. Perpetrators of reckless driving, in most instances, are not qualified or are people who lack driving experience. To exemplify, the Zimbabwe Republic Police reported that in the mid-year of 2019, 33% of road carnages had been as a result of people driving without licenses.

On the other hand, despite the many benefits associated with driving re-test, people may cite that it’s expensive, and a lot of individuals may not afford it. They are justifiably worried about the exorbitant fees they have to pay to renew their licenses. However, a lot of lives will be saved, and driving will become safe and enjoyable for many. For instance, as people grow older, they tend to suffer from poor eyesight, which can affect their vision. A driving license will only be offered after an individual is found to be worthy to abide by all traffic laws and regulations.

To sum up, it can be seen that the merits of having drivers retaking driving tests, such as staying up to date with traffic laws and significantly encouraging safer road usage among drivers, far outweigh the downsides that it can be costly for some individuals.

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