Describe a piece of furniture you have

# Describe a piece of furniture you have.

    • What is
    • Where it is
    • What it looks like
    • And explain how or why you use it.

Describe a piece of furniture you have type of furniture to decorate people in your country car tiresSample Answer 1:-

Well, furniture is the essential part of the house and in house, different sorts of furniture are available for different purposes such as dining tables for sit and eat food together, table, sofa, single bed, chairs and so on.

But here I would like to talk about a piece of furniture. It is a study table which is very close to me and I always use it in all types of work. I remember when I was in 6th standard. At that time, my uncle gifted me a study table on my birthday.

Apart from it, it made of hardwood and it has a square shape. The color of this table is dark brown which is my favorite color. The most important thing, in this table, has 4 draws.

During my study, I used this for a study table but now I am doing work in Walmart and I do all work on a laptop so now use this table for my work purposes. This table is the best part of my room.

Interestingly, it is very useful for me as well as I set my stationery things, office files in the draws. The wood of this Vijayanagar table is amazing. According to me, this table is a masterpiece.

Moreover, I use it in my daily routine because I easily to work on it. It is very precious to me. I clean it every day with cotton stuff. According to my point of view, it is very useful for me as well as my favorite furniture in my room.

Sample Answer 2:-

In the Modern era, every female, male, kids think about their dream house. In this house, they also want fabulous furniture according to their taste. I also have a lot of dreams related to furniture. But here I would like to talk about a piece of furniture which I use in my daily life.

Interestingly, it is round small chairs. It is also made by me. 6 months ago, that time, my best friend suggested me to make chairs with waste car tires. After that, I came back home and searched on the internet.

Apart from it, I saw a lot of videos on YouTube then, I fond the best video on it. An essential step of this process, I went to the market and bought something related to this. Firstly, printed cloth, rope, glue, buttons, and paint. Then, I came back at home., I rolled up my sleeves and started to conjure up this amazing comfy sofa.

Nextstep, I washed the car tires and I did holes with the drill. After it, I combine the two tires with the help of rope and glue. Next, I cut the sponge into circular shape then I stitch the sponge cover with printed leather which I bought from the market as well as, I stitch tire cover also.

Finally, the endpoint of tires painted with brown color and I was set the circular sponge on the tires as well as, fixed the white pattern buttons with the help of glue.

At last, not least, when my mother saw those chairs she became very happy and we set those chairs in the garden. Most interesting, we set there and spend precious time with each other. This is my favorite furniture in my house because it is made by me at a very less cost.

Followups question:-

Question: – why furniture is an important part of a house?

Answer: – well furniture is an essential part of every house as well as it helps to increase the grace of the house. In the Modern era, everyone prefers to buy the latest type of furniture to decorate the house. Such as dining table, sofa come bed, folding chairs, fixed bed, cupboard and so on. Interestingly, everyone wants to perfect house which is completed with well maintain furniture. Apart from that, nowadays the famous furniture showroom orders material from other countries.

Question:- do you like any specific style of furniture?

Answer:- Actually, I prefer to all type of furniture which is available in the market but, I mostly like the traditional come mix modern furniture. it is the latest style of furniture. For example; in China people also use the type of furniture because they consume less place and we use it as a multi-task way. Moreover, last year I purchased a sofa come bed which is also useful to me as well as, it looks like a sofa and use it as a sofa but any guest comes to my home. that time I use it as the slider bed. That’s why I like these types of modern and traditional types of furniture.

Question:-When do people in your country buy furniture?

Answer:- Well, in my country, people like to buy the latest types of things but, they mostly purchase new furniture in a different type of occasion or special time such as during the marriage time, newborn baby’s birthday, as a gift and so on. For instance, my aunt also likes to buy me furniture and 2 months ago she bought all new furniture when she changed the house. At that time, my aunt buy Italian style furniture because it is popular in the world.

Question:- Do people in your country prefer traditional or modem styles of furniture?

Answer:- According to my point of view, it depends on every one person’s choice and family also. Old people and joint families mostly prefer to buy traditional furniture because traditional furniture has longlasting life. But, some youngsters do not like traditional furniture because they love to buy the latest sorts of furniture and everyone has different thinking and choice according to their taste. For example, youngsters prefer to buy a modern type of furniture to decorate their house and they purchase everything according to the trend as well as, also change it during the time to time.


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