People Who Travel to Another Country to Live, Work or Study: Writing Task 2

People who travel to another country to live, work or study for a period of time often suffer badly from homesickness. Why is it? What are the best ways to reduce this problem?

It is irrefutable that numerous individuals are keen to opt for the destination of the international nation for a better living lifestyle and also want to fulfil their desires in a short period. Ample people suffer from homesickness when they travel to another country. However, there are a plethora of reasons why commuters spend their time in other countries, this can be ascribed to several reasons, and it must be addressed by definite actions in upcoming paragraphs to come.

The primary reason is that the majority of the population is an interested in studying and working in international countries for a short period due to numerous amenities and unable to pursue their carrier due to homesickness, which causes most people to be unable to adopt the culture of another place and endure from language barriers is the most prominent key factor among the people to remember their home origin. Put in other words, when people travel alone to a different nation and unable to carry lots of responsibilities at the same time, the chances of survival would be decline. For instance, in India, there are tons of students emigrants to different countries such as Canada, the USA and Australia for higher studies either for the purpose of work; after that, half of this strength faces drastic difficulties and remember their precious time and get back their home without completion of their studies. In addition, lack of communication plays a significant role in people who get affected by homesickness.

Several strong measures must be implemented to tackle the sensitive issue. The first solution is that the government needs to change visa policies and would be granted that one of the family members or spouse travels with the applicant, thus leading to people getting more focused on their studies or work without feeling incomplete. The second feasible solution is that this case may be tackled by encouraging people to spend time talking to their parents and friends about the source of social networking sites and take a participation in professional activities in various places, to illustrate in college or companies rather than at home. Moreover, bringing animals or pets into their houses prevents them from elevating that kind of case. For instance, spending time in recreational activities also reduces the pressure of anxiety, and it would help to distract the mindset in other sorts of activities.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that there are several reasons for reducing the homesickness among the individuals, which can be tackled by various remedial actions before they become a menace to them.

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