Modern Lifestyles Mean that Many Parents Have Little Time for Their Children

Modern lifestyles mean that many parents have little time for their children. Many children suffer because they do not get as much attention from their parents as children did in the past.

In today’s fast pacing world, people have less amount of time for their children due to their hectic schedules and contemporary lifestyle. I believe that modern world children deal with more pain as they do not receive proper care and observation from their guardians compared to the past children who were well showered by the love and care of parents.

Being a follower of western culture, people nowadays tend to spend more time outside with their friends and relatives. They leave children alone at home with a caregiver. While, a decade ago, parents used to take care of the child. Hence, children are lacks being loved by their parents and owing to less attentive parents, they feel isolated and tend to have a feeling of a less valued human being. For instance, a mother who used to attend frequent kitty parties often leave the baby with a babysitter and paid caregiver who can not give the love and care as mothers can. Consequently, children suffer through mental isolation.

To live standard and lavish life, the father, as well as a mother, has to work in the twenty-first century. Both parents work from morning to night in order to meet the cost of living standard. As a result, children are not given much attention and observation as they are left alone. Therefore, children become introverted and cannot compete in this competitive era.

In conclusion, it can be reiterated that children having less time with their guardians suffer a lot due to lack of care and love, and as a consequence, they become introverted and less competitive than the past decade children due to the feeling of isolation.

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