Many Believe that It Is Important to Protect All Wild Animals, While Others Think that It Is Important to Protect Some

Many believe that it is important to protect all wild animals, while others think that it is important to protect some, not all of them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, also other animals are extinct. As a young generation, we need to take some major steps towards saving them and helping them to make their species increment. In this essay, I will talk about how why we need to think that it is our duty to protect wild animals.

To start with, we have come across many reasons from the news portals that many wild animals are extinct, and it is affecting our biodiversity, which is to maintain the balance. The main reason for this is because of us that we cannot protect them because of our development in more housing, industries areas. Also, we should not get biased towards specific animals to protect them. As an example, if we can give a guarantee about saving other animals, will it give protection to wild animals.

On the contrary, people think that saving a particular species of wild animals need to be kept in a cage where it is safe. Also, people think that it should be in a cage so that it cannot harm us or, while hunting, it cannot get killed. Saving only particular small animals is not a good idea. However, we should let them be free to roam in the forest and let them be. And to protect them should be our top priority and dire necessity.

To conclude, I, as a citizen, will think to protect wild animals who are seen getting eliminated. To help them to make increased their species we should take some major steps towards it.

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