It’s Expected That the Proportion of Older People Is Higher Than Younger People

In the future, it’s expected that the proportion of older people is higher than younger people… Its positive or negative development.

Owing to the contemporary era, due to advanced medical research and equipment, people live more years. As a result, an increasing trend of aged people over young generations for an upcoming time in many countries is always a debatable question. In my opinion, it is a negative impact on society which discusses later in my article.

The first and foremost gloomy reason to support my argument is that senior citizens need to pay pension schemes by different governments, which leads to increased budget optimization for any country for older people. Furthermore, governments should provide some exception in electricity bills, travelling, health system, loans etc… which create adverting burden on younger people to pay more tax to authorities for balancing the nation’s economic structure. For instance, many developed countries such as America, Canada, UK has a free health insurance policy for senior citizens. As a result, the tax deduction for younger is excessive compared to other countries. Lastly, older people come less close to do hectic labour work.

On the flip side, some productive evidence is forced to impress society that grandparents can provide shelter to their grandchild in terms of educated them by our culture and devotional activities necessary nowadays for the better life of kids. Many fields like teaching, medical, industry require experienced people for sustainability and training junior staff. In other words, many multinational companies such as Reliance, TATA, Birla proffered To choose their top management on older people side to take an immediate decision and solving of problems of young staff which in hence to better surviving in today’s competitive era.

To recapitulate, there are some benefits in the ageing of older people in some sub continentals. However, its pessimistic parts are more such as additional funding, less efficiency in general works, and unfair with young people. For balancing the age groups, respective authorities need to come in front and carry out suitable activities to improve it.

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