It Will Be Better for Society and Individuals if Driverless Cars Are Widely Used (4)

It Will Be Better for Society and Individuals if Driverless Cars Are Widely Used

It will be better for society and individuals if driverless cars are widely used. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?

In the contemporary era, artificial intelligence is transforming the world into autonomous. Increase use of independent cars will increase definitely helo for communities and humans. I completely agree with the above conception. There are plenty of reasons discussed below.

The primary reason is that driving fewer cars reduction of crash-related costs and better fuel savings. Furthermore, self-driving cars are the ability to communicate in real-time. Cars would be able to travel efficiently at optimised distances from others. One of the major reasons is that computer-based systems and algorithms will reduce human error like accidents, drunk or distracted driving. For example, it has reduced 12 per cent of fatal accidents over the last three years in the USA with the invention of Tesla cars by Mr Elon Musks.

To add a few more reasons, for those who choose not to drive, independent driving cars could be a safe and reliable mode of transportation. Those people who are blind and old age would be able to get into a self-driving car without putting others at risk. Not only but also another significant factor in the self-driving car are likely to be electric rather than using internet combustion engines. For this reason, the environment is not polluted. The speed of the self-driving car will be reduced by the automatic braking and accelerating system.

In conclusion, autonomous cars adoption will be better for personal and communities in various ways. It does not only help the car owners to avoid an accident because the decisions are taken by automatic machines instead of humans but also for the environment free from pollution as these vehicles use battery energy.

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