In Today’s World of Advanced Science and Technology (5)

In Today’s World of Advanced Science and Technology

In today’s world of advanced science and technology, many still greatly value artists such as musicians, painters, and writers. What can the arts tell us about life that science cannot?

It has been observed that buying automobiles has mushroomed so quickly over the last three decades that metropolitan areas are confronting traffic congestion. Out of many reasons, easy availability of loans is a prime factor and increasing the charge for parking can resolve this issue. The rest of the viewpoints will be discussed in the subsequent paragraph.

To commence with, the easy availability of loans at the lower interest rate has made the masses compulsive buyers. Resultantly, individuals purchase vehicles and exaggerate bottleneck traffic. To exemplify it, to buy an automobile is now everybody’s cup of tea. People earn their livelihood by involving in any kind of enterprise. Thus, it is convenient for them to pay monthly instalments from their salary account. Hence, a middle-class person becomes an owner of a car. This purchasing habit of inhabitants escalates traffic jam and their problems to live in a commotion arising out of burning fuels. Besides, having a car in every house builds a good reputation for a people. To maintain their status quo, individuals purchase automobiles excessively and create chaos on the road due to the number of cars. Because nowadays, everybody has a car. They feel proud to have this materialistic thing at their home. That’s why shoppers shop for private vehicles. Also, four-wheelers are convenient means of transport, and they remain punctual by reaching their destination on time.

As every lock has a key. Similarly, this problem can be resolved by upsurging parking charges. In other words, people purchase cars voluntary; however, they do not expect to last it or damage them. Many times, it has been seen that individuals go by their own vehicles to their workplace or shopping malls. Thus, increasing the car parking charges can best deal with this problem. They will avoid going by their private vehicles and prefer public transport. Also, if they go and park their cars off-road or somewhere else; then, there can be a risk of stealing or damaging their vehicles. Furthermore, introducing modern facilities in public transport can allure the multitude to use buses or trains on a daily basis. They willingly opt for this option. Thus crowd on the road will decrease, and it will benefit the environment free from pollution. The classic epitome is a country named Spain, where the majority of folk use buses due to being equipped with air conditioners, comfortable seats, cheap prices.

To conclude, thus, in consideration of the above analysis, it is ostensible that owing to easy loan facility, status quo, and people purchase cars in a large number; consequently, they are exacerbating the situation and creating heavy traffic. On the contrary, a hike in parking charges, adding modern amenities can deter people from using their individual vehicles and relying more on public transport.

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