It Is Sometimes Said that People Who Do Physically Hard Jobs Should Be Paid as Much as Those with Higher-Level Qualifications

It is sometimes said that people who do physically hard jobs should be paid as much as those with higher-level qualifications. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples.

It is argued that non-skilled workers who do physically tiring work should be paid equally to skilled workers who have higher educational qualifications. I disagree with the former statement because I believe skilled workers have worked hard to earn greater qualifications for work. In the following essay, I will discuss my views on this, along with some relevant examples.

Firstly, though those who physically work do hard work, their work is usually monotonous, and they just have to repeat the task. These workers are not required to put their original ideas; also, they do not have to face any new challenges in their allotted tasks. For example, the Cleaner of the mall have to come on time and clean the mall before people start coming, and he/she has to do the same work every day, but the Marketing Manager of the mall has to find a new marketing strategy every now and then to increase the business of mall.

Secondly, these workers do not require any superior educational qualification. Only basic reading and writing skills are enough for their work in contrast to skilled workers who require degrees for their job. Skilled workers have to study more, and they need to pass many competitive exams and interviews to get a high paying job. Also, they have paid a large amount of money as well as invested their time to study. Moreover, non-skilled workers start Earning at an early stage of their lives, While skilled workers have to wait until their degree completes.

To conclude, Physical workers do hard work in their job, and they should be paid, but it is not advisable to pay them the same amount as a high skilled worker because non-skilled workers’ work is the almost same every day, and they do not have to put new effort or face challenges every day.

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