In Some Places, Shops Are Open 24 hours a Day, Seven Days a Week.

In some places, shops are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Do you think it is good for customers, shop staff and our society as a whole?

There are a few places where shops are open the whole day for people, even at the weekends. I believe it is a good idea which is definitely fine for customers, staff of shops and for the community. This essay will describe its benefit in impending textual.

To commence with, if shops are open 24 hours a day then, it helps to crop up with the emergencies. For example, a patient might need medicine at any time because of some medical reasons, either a day or night time. Therefore, they can purchase it whenever they need it. Along with this, most of the customers have a hectic schedule because of their working life, and they do not have enough time to buy amenities during the day. Thus, if they have an option to purchase things at any time then, they do not have to wait for long to get free time for shopping. Surprisingly, it is beneficial to enhance the sales, as well as shopkeepers are able to sell their products 24 hours a day.

Moving further, because of its, staff members are able to earn well as they get extra hours at night for doing more work at the job. Hence, they get to pay for more work at the shop. Moreover, it gives more job opportunities in society for individuals, especially students who do not have time during the day because of their studies, as well as people who are working at restricted time hour jobs. Thus, it gives more chances to people for doing jobs at night to fulfil their requirements.

To epitomize, 24 hours of opening shops will make customer, staff and society life easier. As people are able to buy the things at any time and staff members get chance to earn more money.

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