In Some Countries, Many More People Are Choosing to Live Alone Nowadays than In the Past

In Some countries, many more people are choosing to live alone nowadays than in the past. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

A family is a group of members in which they can share their happiness as well as sorrows. In most nations, human beings like to live alone these days rather than ancient period. This essay will develop into positive along with negatives.

There are multifarious reasons which prove that living alone has a negative impact on the new generation. The first and foremost reason behind it Is that children far away from their kith and kins and they do not like to spend time with them. Sometimes it is a reason for depression for those people who are worried for their future. Owing to there is no one with them who suggest them for right as well as wrong. in a survey, which is conducted by University and observed that 49.0 3% people suffer from depression due to stay alone and tension of their future.

Nevertheless, Every cloud has a silver lining. So to stay alone also some advantages of a family people develop themselves. They have more time to find their weakness and strengths. Also, there is no one who one demotivate too. Secondarily masses respect those who meet with them after a long time, and they like to spend time with them too. To exemplify a person who leaves their home for a job and when they came at home everyone like to spend time with them as that person guide to others.

To recapitulate, all the family is a group of kith and kins. However, souls like to live alone nowadays as They spend time alone and develop themselves. At the same time, they are far away from their peers.

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