In Many Countries, Plastic Shopping Bags Are the Main Source of Rubbish

In many countries, plastic shopping bags are the main source of rubbish. They cause water and land pollution, and so they should be banned. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Nowadays, it is observed that in a number of nations, the reason behind trash is plastic bags. Due to this reason, pollution arises. I firmly believe in this. My view is explained further in the ensuing paragraphs.

To begin with, plastic bags are things that take years to decompose. We can not dispose of plastic easily. It requires lots of producers to do. While doing this process, a lot amount of environmental issue arises. Such as air pollution. If we burn plastic, some toxic substances get realised, which spoils the freshness of the air. And creates air pollution.

To add to that, if we do not dispose of it the proper way and through it anywhere, it creates harm to natural resources. Like if we thought in the sea and it goes down to sea and fishes try to eat that which is harmful to them as well if it is thrown on the road and street animals tend to eat that bag by that they get hurt.

On the contrary, there are other reasons behind this pollution. Such as waste liquid material which comes out from the companies. While producing the material, there is some waste that they have to dispose of. While doing this process, they put all this into the river so that water pollution arises. Also sometimes keep on the side of land by that also land pollution arises.

So, all in all, it can be said that it is not necessarily only plastic bags that create pollution, but there are many other reasons behind environmental issues. However, most crises arise due to the usage of plastic bags.

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